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Saturday, 24 January 2009

L6 convention

Just purchased a ticket to L word starfury L6 UK convention in Blackpool,


...none of my friends watch the show, so Im going on my own. Sure I will meet some great people there....anyone else going? x


Miss Independent 86 said...

I am so jealous! If I lived in the UK I would SO be there. Hope you make a post about your experience to share....

Jennique said...

I will, its not my first convention, was at a buffy/angel one a few years back in Glasgow....but its my first L word convention. Just called and booked my room tonight, had to get an upgrade as they were out of single rooms, so for only 40quid more, I got a room with a spa...woohoo...they asked if I wanted a sea view instead, I was like, erm, no, don't plan to be in my room that often, or at least I wont be in there to look at the view, so spa so much more useful...is anyone else going? would actually like to kinda half know someone there, as I'm going on my own :(