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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Poem: Ides of March, Gabrielle's last thoughts

Xena, you have played many roles in my life
a sister, a teacher and a friend
This life maybe over
but I swear, this is not the end

I love you Xena
and that love cannot and will not die
we will be together again
so please Xena, do not cry

You taught me many skills
I thank the gods, you were in my life
you have always been a great friend to me
you helped me through the trouble and strife

There was a time that
we were distanced by hate
but our love brought us back together
before it was too late

My life was empty
until you came
but I promise you this Xena
our passing will not be in vain

You helped a lot of people
and your legacy cannot be erased
and all the joy you brought to my life
can never be replaced

Don't blame yourself Xena
there was nothing more that you could do
but even though death is near
Im glad my last vision will be of you

Poem: The Ides of March, Xena's last thoughts

Even though Alti showed you our future
you stayed by my side till the bitterend
beofre we die I want you to know
you have been my closest friend

I love you Gabrielle
and even in death that love would stray
you were the best thing in my life
you filled me in everyway

You gave me strength
and you are the reason I believe in love
you made me happy and you were the
answer to all my prayers from above

You gave me much more than happiness
You gave me hope
I know now if you were not in my life
I would have never been able to cope

I don't need gold or jewels
because when Im with you, I have wealth
Everything I am, I owe to you
You saved me from my darker self

In life Gabrielle
you have always been my guide
Let it be so in death, bye my friend
see you on the other side

Poem: Together They are whole

I sing a song of Xena
a wounded heart so strong
her memories of her past consume her
yet, she still has the strength to go on

With Gabrielle at her side
and through the love that they share
they fight together for the greater good
they are a family beyond compare

They are not of the same blood
but they would die for each other,never giving it a thought
with everything they have been through together
they would protect one another no matter what

I sing a song of Gabrielle
She wont take a life because she cares
but don't think this gal is soft
if you do, she will catch you unawares

Gabrielle is full of goodness
she is beautiful and pure
if there was a way to rid the world of evil
Gabrielle would be the cure

Xena and Gabrielle belong together
they are two parts of the same soul
apart there is something missing
together they are whole

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

poem: Torn

I see him, is he the one?
I feel her presence, even when she is not there
Is he where my future lies?
With her,it is as if no one else exists
Will he father my kids?
The mere thought of her makes me smile
Can he and I build a life together?
Would life with her make sense?
He would be the easiest choice
She would be the bravest
Could I give him up?
Could I take her hand, with my head held high?

Friday, 5 September 2008

So need to move

I really hate where I live, been here for 5yrs. Cars I've had in that time have been vandalised, stolen, tires slashed, wing mirrors kicked off n smashed, wiper blades bent or stolen, aerial stolen, dents in body work n my reg plate snapped. None of this is personal, its just area i live.

I also have scary neighbour's that have domestics in the middle of the night which end with me calling the police n getting one of them carted off. Another who takes his dog for a walk around 1am but bangs the doors in the close really loudly. Last night he took his bucket out hit every fence, slammed the bucket lids open n shut, threw his rubbish into another neighbour's bin n then started to shout abuse at a neighbouring close waving his sandal in the air cause they were annoyed at the noise he was making at 2am. I was actually thinking of typing a letter to these individuals with a fake council head, so think its official pointing out this inappropriate behaviour. I so should.

I'm getting more n more depressed living here every year. I'm desperately trying to find somewhere else to live, my mother has offered to help me out financially for a few years if the place I find is a little out of my price range, so I can move away from this nightmare. Homes are few n far between at the moment, I don't see it happening anytime soon but the thought that I'm moving eventually is comforting...x