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Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I was told on Monday that my shop would close in 1 month and even though I had made the decision to leave my job a month ago, it still really upset me coz even though I made that choice, I am not ready to leave. It is easier to find a job when your in a job and I was terrified that I would never find a job coz of the way things are just now.

Its now 2days after and now I can say, I still don't know whats going to happen but I'm not terrified anymore. I think there are a couple of options for me to be transferred within the company and hopefully give me more time to train for a new job. My plan is to join the police but I'm not as fit as I use to be, so I need to get back to that.....and I have been told that most people don't get in to the force the first time and you can only try out every 6 months. So obviously any redundancy money I would be given wouldn't do me forever, so I'd like to secure employment just now.

Anyways, the reason I decided to post was not really coz of what saddens me about my job just now but I wanted to share with you all a good memory from my work.

A year ago, I was in a different district, since that time, that district has been dispanded and we were all put in to different districts but I can say that working within distict 2, was one of the greatest times I had. Last year, we did a charity walk up Faulkland hill in Glenrothes in aid of Starlight. I say walk but it wasnt as easy as that.

Well, obviously I survived. I still remember the pain I was in afterwards though, I had pain in places I didn't even know I had places. Before we scaled up Faulkland Hill. We got a Taxi from the Glenrothes store to bottom of the hill. I know this sounds like a cop out but honestly it wasnt, it was so we wouldnt knacker ourselves out before we even got to the hill.

We had to take a few breaks, the steps were like the size of my calf, n just when u thought you were about to reach the top, there was friggin more steps.

We were told after the hike, that the route we took was the toughest. It took us about an hour n a half to get to the top, which may not seem that long but the climb was extremely difficult, some of our party were not at all well doing this grueling hike n one even threw up.

One even lost their mind, coz she thought the hill had huge wild rabbit coz of the size of the droppings but dont you worry, I corrected her and informed her that it was the sheep that left them and no giant bunnies were going to attack her.

Gillian the AM of the Falkirk store at the time, also took part. When we all finally made it to the top, we posed for pictures in our not so attractive state n Gillian's phone started to ring, appropriately with the Rocky theme tune. With what little energy we all had, we started to jump up n down, pure rocky style.

....but our pledge was not over, after stopping for a bite to eat with our pre-packed lunches as if we were still at school, Liz the manager of the Glenrothes store told us that unfortunately she decided that we were not going to get a taxi back and that we were to continue our walk, our walk to return to the store...at this moment, we all wanted to kill Liz as it was a further 2 n a half hours walk back but we forgave her. It wasn't as tough as the walk up the hill but still tough.

I actually don't think I got blisters, until the descent. After we returned to the store dripping wet n in pure agony, the only thing that kept us going was the thought of the pub, n the food n alcohol we would receive.

As tough as it was, the walk was worth it n was for such a good cause. I am really happy I took part. I personaly raised £188.88 and I think everyone else was round about that too, there was about 15 of us I think.

Also, there was a local policeman, along with his dog Hamish that took time off the job to be our guide. Without him, we would have gotten totally lost, so very grateful to him.

I really miss the guys in district 2 and even though we still talk on occasion, work just hasnt been the same without them.

In light with what has happened, I dont see us working together again but maybe we will scale Faulkland hill once more and once again share that great sense of achievement that we all had that day.

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