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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Be true to yourself

2nite as I was heading home from getting dvd, as im about to turn onto another street, straight in front of me across the road, is a man screamin at a woman on the ground. Then he starts to drag her along the ground and hits her across the face.

No one else bothered their shirts and just went about their business. I know they don't want to get hurt but I'd rather get hurt for standing up for whats right, than walking away while someone else does.

The quickest way to help I thought was to toot my horn to get his attention, so she could run away. It got his attention n he started to scream at me from across the street, the woman got away.

I turned onto other street but was stopped by traffic lights, so the guy starts to cross the road and come up to me, I noticed the police across the road.

I got their attention by rolling down the window and indicated them to help, while the guy starts screaming at me.

I asked him if he was stupid coz the police were right there, he said he didn't care. I said you will in a min, the police detained him and i told them what happened, as the woman he attacked came back. Then I just left them to it.

I know she will probably back him up, coz she is probably afraid of what he will do when he gets out but I can't just stand by and watch someone get abused like that.


Auburn said...

I love that you did that.

openworm said...

wow crazy stuff - its goOod that u did that though!

Jennique said...