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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Poem: Ides of March, Gabrielle's last thoughts

Xena, you have played many roles in my life
a sister, a teacher and a friend
This life maybe over
but I swear, this is not the end

I love you Xena
and that love cannot and will not die
we will be together again
so please Xena, do not cry

You taught me many skills
I thank the gods, you were in my life
you have always been a great friend to me
you helped me through the trouble and strife

There was a time that
we were distanced by hate
but our love brought us back together
before it was too late

My life was empty
until you came
but I promise you this Xena
our passing will not be in vain

You helped a lot of people
and your legacy cannot be erased
and all the joy you brought to my life
can never be replaced

Don't blame yourself Xena
there was nothing more that you could do
but even though death is near
Im glad my last vision will be of you


Jennique said...

Old poem found, that I wrote yrs ago, though id post it...x

openworm said...

its awsome

Jennique said...


marie said...

Very solid writing, passionate, heartfelt...gives us more...please...pretty please...

Jennique said...

thanks, im watching all eps again, hoping to find something else in myself...x