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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Poem: Together They are whole

I sing a song of Xena
a wounded heart so strong
her memories of her past consume her
yet, she still has the strength to go on

With Gabrielle at her side
and through the love that they share
they fight together for the greater good
they are a family beyond compare

They are not of the same blood
but they would die for each other,never giving it a thought
with everything they have been through together
they would protect one another no matter what

I sing a song of Gabrielle
She wont take a life because she cares
but don't think this gal is soft
if you do, she will catch you unawares

Gabrielle is full of goodness
she is beautiful and pure
if there was a way to rid the world of evil
Gabrielle would be the cure

Xena and Gabrielle belong together
they are two parts of the same soul
apart there is something missing
together they are whole

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Jennique said...

Found this old poem in my poems book, its was written before the Britannia ep obviously....