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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Poem: The Ides of March, Xena's last thoughts

Even though Alti showed you our future
you stayed by my side till the bitterend
beofre we die I want you to know
you have been my closest friend

I love you Gabrielle
and even in death that love would stray
you were the best thing in my life
you filled me in everyway

You gave me strength
and you are the reason I believe in love
you made me happy and you were the
answer to all my prayers from above

You gave me much more than happiness
You gave me hope
I know now if you were not in my life
I would have never been able to cope

I don't need gold or jewels
because when Im with you, I have wealth
Everything I am, I owe to you
You saved me from my darker self

In life Gabrielle
you have always been my guide
Let it be so in death, bye my friend
see you on the other side

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Jennique said...

Old Poem of mine, thought id post it...x